Online preparation for the IAS examination

Online preparation for the IAS examination

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Getting into IAS is a dream for students residing in every nook and corner of the country. To realise this dream, technology can play an enabling and equalising factor. With the spread of Digital India and fast speed internet availability throughout the length and breadth of the country, the physical distance barriers of getting access to quality education is getting filled with online mode of education.

High-quality education can make all the difference in people’s lives. Fortunately, online courses are providing a viable alternative for lakhs of students. Online courses are becoming increasingly popular as these help students achieve their educational and career goals. Hence, online IAS course ensures that even students who have completed class 12th, in their college graduation, and people with full-time jobs can attend the course as per their suitability.

The visible benefits of an online course are:

  1. Transcend distance barriers: Connects with students living in different cities, towns and villages of the country. Creates cross country interaction with students of different backgrounds, sharing of thoughts and ideas.
  2. Access to variety of courses and test series: There are different forms of customised courses and test series available which can be accessed anytime within the comforts of students respective locations.
  3. Lower total costs: In some cases, online cousrses can prove to be a more affordable option. Cost involved includes just the course and test series fees depending on the courses opted by the students.

Other costs like relocation costs, rental accommodation, daily expenses, commutation expense, study material costs become non-existent.

Hence online IAS education becomes affordable for more and more students and their families.

  1. More comfortable learning environment: Online preparation has the advantage of learning from the comforts of home locations. To make it more impactful and to get started with fullest dedication, here are some tips:
  • Dedicate a study space: Designate a space in your home as your dedicated study zone. Instead of bouncing between your bed, kitchen, or desk, pick a single spot you reserve solely for studying. To start, make your space appealing. Hang up inspirational quotes. Bring in lots of lights and create a space that you want to be in.
  • Get rid of distractions: A distraction-free study zone can help you retain more information and produce higher-quality work. If you are using laptops or tablets for study then put your phone on airplane mode or turn off your phone.
  • Take brief breaks: Once you’ve created the perfect study space, get out of it. No, seriously. Even if it’s a stroll over to the kitchen or a walk around, taking periodic breaks while you’re studying will help you be more productive. This will also reduce strain of online screens.
  • Invest in fast, reliable internet: A stable internet connection is paramount to success in an online course. Don’t let a slow connection disrupt your flow (or grade). Prevent your internet from going down by investing in fast internet.

5.Convenience and flexibility: After class 12th, many students pursue college education with an eye on the future competitive examination. Online preparation for IAS can balance college time with preparation for the competition.

Most working people are juggling a work/life balance in addition to their examination preparation responsibilities. The appeal of online learning for IAS some is the fact that they have the flexibility to learn on their own time.

The advantage of taking online classes while you are working is that you do not have to choose between leaving your job and taking classes. You can continue to work your normal hours while simultaneously furthering your education. For many, flexibility is key.

6.More interaction and greater ability to concentrate: While many might argue that online learning does not provide enough opportunity for student interaction, online learning actually invites in a variety of collaborative social opportunities. On the contrary, online learning provides a community atmosphere that adds a key social element into the learning experience.

7.Avoid commuting: Whether you live in a big city or a rural area, commuting can not only be frustrating, but costly. Many online students report saving money when taking classes online. They also appreciate the time it saves them. As someone who has had to commute to class, it often takes two hours out in commuting as well as spending money in commuting costs.

8.The ability to attend class no matter the circumstances: This by far was one of the biggest appeals to online IAS learning. If you are not  feeling well, you are not forced to miss class and fall behind on assignments. You can still able to attend class from the bed and to stay on top of your work. Online IAS courses also offer recorded classes as back-up which can be seen again and again.

To enable yourself in getting access to all the above benefits of easily accessible, highly affordable online IAS preparation then SHIELD IAS is the right destination for you. Become a part of our fast expanding online learning community.

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