Full Length Tests (FLTs): These include Thematic Tests, Subject Tests, Current Affairs Tests, final Tests of GS Paper 1 and final tests of GS Paper 2 (CSAT)

Each FLT will comprise of UPSC standard question paper comprising of 100 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).

The CSAT FLT will comprise of 80 MCQs 

8 Rapid Revision Books:  These provide confidence booster shots to aspirants for the final revision of all relevant and targeted content within reasonable time, covered in optimum number of pages.

Annual Current Affairs Quiz: A compendium of more than 1200+ current affairs questions along with answer key and explanations

  • Test Mode: Offline
  • Test Schedule: Weekly
  • Duration: Starting December 2023 till May 2024
  • Fee: Rs. 3500 including GST


Real Exam Simulation

Our test series closely simulates the actual UPSC Prelims exam environment.

Experience the pressure, time constraints, and question patterns to enhance your exam preparedness.

Full Coverage of UPSC Syllabus

Each test comprehensively covers the UPSC syllabus for both General Studies and CSAT, ensuring that you are well-prepared for every topic that may appear in the exam.

Detailed Answer Key and Explanation

Receive a detailed answer key and explanation for each question after completing the test. Understand the reasoning behind correct answers and improve your understanding of concepts.

Performance Analytics

Access detailed performance analytics, including your score, time management efficiency, and strengths/weaknesses by subject and topic.

Track your progress and focus on areas that need improvement.

Question Difficulty Gradation

Our tests are carefully curated to include questions of varying difficulty levels, mirroring the diversity of questions in the actual UPSC Prelims exam.

Flexible Schedule

Access tests at your convenience.

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