Test Series (Prelims)


Gaining confidence and success in the forthcoming Prelims Examination

THEME: Confidence, Command and Execution                                                                                 QUALITY: As per UPSC Standards

The UPSC Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination for 2023 is scheduled on 28th May, 2023. The journey of gaining confidence and success in the forthcoming Prelims Examinations commences with SHIELD IAS PRELIMS TEST PRACTICE SERIES – 2023 program.

The Goal of PTPS – 2023 is to provide:


TEST TYPE 1: Thematic Tests (10)/ 1000 MCQs

  • Ancient History
  • Medieval History
  • Modern History
  • Art and Culture
  • India and World Geography
  • Environment, Ecology and Biodiversity
  • Indian Polity- 1
  • Indian Polity-2
  • Economy and Social Development-1
  • Economy and Social Development- 2

TEST TYPE 2: Subject- Full Length Tests (5) / 500 MCQs

  • History
  • Indian Polity
  • Geography and Environment
  • Indian Economy
  • Science and Technology

TEST TYPE 3: Current Affairs- Full Length Tests (3) / 300 MCQs

  • Current Affairs- FLT 1
  • Current Affairs- FLT 2
  • Current Affairs- FLT 3

TEST TYPE 4: GENERAL STUDIES - Full Length Tests (3)/ 300 MCQs

(Final tests before the real test)

  • General Studies- FLT 1
  • General Studies- FLT 2
  • General Studies- FLT 3

TEST TYPE 5: CSAT - Full Length Tests (3)

  • General Studies- Paper 2 (CSAT)- FLT 1
  • General Studies- Paper 2 (CSAT)- FLT 2
  • General Studies- Paper 2 (CSAT)- FLT 3

In the final stages of preparation before the examination, students usually search for a complete revision material which can address their needs in the final preparation for the examination. In this regard, Rapid Revision Books from SHIELD IAS provide right impetus for sound revision.

Hence, once done with basic revision of your class notes and standard books, the best way forward for final round of revision is through Rapid Revision Books.

Rapid Revision Books are the series of eight booklets covering the most important scoring portions of the General Studies (Preliminary) examination to provide confidence boosting edge in the final preparation.

The books take care of basic knowledge of subjects, facts, filtered current affairs and sound mix of relational understanding.

The overall emphasis is on making students confident and mentally relaxed before the examination

Highlights of Rapid Revision Books


The examination shall comprise of two compulsory Papers of 200 marks and 2 hours duration each.

  1. General Studies Paper I
  2. General Studies Paper II
    • Both the question papers will be of the objective type (multiple choice questions) and each will be of two hours duration.
    • The General Studies Paper-II of the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination will be a qualifying paper with minimum qualifying marks fixed at 33%.
    • The question papers will be set both in Hindi and English.


Note: It is mandatory for the candidate to appear in both the Papers of Civil Services (Prelim) Examination for the purpose of evaluation. Therefore a candidate will be disqualified in case he/she does not appear in both the papers of Civil Services (Prelim) Examination.