SHIELD IAS is conducting the IGP for the successful candidates in UPSC (Main Examination) 2023. The IGP comprises of:
  • A session on DAF filling
  • Mock Interview by panel of Experts
  • A Personal face-to-face sitting with Academic Director Mr. Ritesh Kumar Singh (Ex- Civil Servant) before the actual interview date at the UPSC.
Note- For queries related to Mock Interview Session and One-to-One Session, Students can call on 7037272363 or mail at [email protected]

Benefits of joining our UPSC Interview Guidance Programme:


·      In a UPSC mock interview, candidates are put through a simulation of the actual interview process.

·      This includes sitting before a panel of experts who ask questions related to various subjects, current affairs, and the candidate’s background.


Panel of Experts

·      The panel conducting the mock interview typically consists of experienced retired civil servants, subject matter experts, and sometimes psychologists.

·      They assess the candidate’s personality, knowledge, and communication skills.


Feedback and Evaluation

·      After the mock interview session, the panel provides detailed feedback to the candidate.

·      This feedback may cover various aspects such as the candidate’s posture, communication style, content knowledge, and ability to handle stress.



·      The primary purpose of a UPSC mock interview is to help candidates identify their strengths and weaknesses and make improvements accordingly.


Subject Knowledge

·      Mock interviews also assess the candidate’s depth of knowledge in their chosen subjects and current affairs.


Communication Skills

·      Mock interviews help candidates practice articulating their thoughts clearly and concisely while maintaining a confident and respectful demeanour.


Simulating Stress

·      The actual UPSC interview can be stressful, and mock interviews attempt to recreate this stress to some extent.

·      This helps candidates become more composed and handle pressure effectively during the real interview.


Time Management

·      Candidates are given a specific time frame for their responses in the UPSC interview.

·      Mock interviews help them practice managing their time effectively and delivering comprehensive yet concise answers


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