About Us

Who We Are


Shield IAS is a seasoned institution in the field of UPSC Civil Services Examination and other related examinations. Our purpose is to cater to the needs of a varied set of students residing in cities, towns, and villages by helping them in reaching their right potential through a seamless window of easy learning opportunities.

Shield IAS is actually a learning community comprising of experienced educators, mentors and trainers dedicated to building respectful and responsible citizens by empowering all learners.

We firmly believe that “the true value of education is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think.


Ease of Delivering Education

 UPSC Civil Services Examination is the toughest examination in the country but we work on the formula of ‘Education Made Simple’ and thus we emphasize on easy to understand delivery methods through Classroom lectures, Current Affairs, Study Material, Assignments, Test Series, and supportive discussions.

Learning becomes fun when it is kept simple. In this regard, if the students are looking for the right institution then we at Shield IAS provide this opportunity through the right encouragement, effortless adjustment to the flow of exam preparation, SWOT Analysis Method to upgrade the capacity to learn, retain and apply to reach your right potential.

Our Classroom Learning Programs ensure personalized attention and aim at developing the conceptual knowledge of our students.

Umbrella Approach

UPSC Civil Services Examination is the mother of all examinations. Hence, we follow the umbrella approach in which we deliver UPSC preparation in the form of an all comprehensive development plan and a mode where student’s capabilities are enhanced and nurtured in the manner that they can easily target all other related examinations of their choice.